Cosmic Photo Challenge

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Symmetrical

This is my contribution to the Cosmic Photo Challenge: Symmetrical.

A small selection of almost symmetrical photos.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Over 100 Years Old

The entrance to St Mary’s Church, Nantwich, Cheshire, England. Surprisingly symmetrical given that construction was interrupted for 20 years due to the Black Death.


Tuesday Photo Challenge - Spread

Two American White Pelicans gliding in symmetrical formation, Little Quill Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Glass

Symmetrical drinking glass detail apart from the colour of the lights used, blue daylight and yellow artificial light.


One Word Sunday: Symmetry

Almost symmetrical wing markings on a Magpie Moth. Hatherton, Cheshire, England.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Inside

Almost symmetrical juvenile Great Tits begging for food having just heard an adult land at the nestbox entrance hole. Faddiley, Cheshire, England.


Silent Sunday: 22nd March 2020

Sort of symmetrical bare trees photographed on a walk around the neighborhood, South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada.


9 replies on “Cosmic Photo Challenge: Symmetrical”

Thanks Dale. The young Great Tits in the nestbox always surprised me with the symmetry of the birds. I spent all week looking at that photo on the contents page of the Radio Times and only realised it was one of mine when I checked it against others on file when I was putting it out for recycling.

It had been flipped left for right by the wood grain but given the symmetry of the birds I still should have recognised it.

Thanks Hannah. It was an obvious choice for symmetry. Especially when you consider the randomness of typical bird flight.

Exactly! I’m amazed that you were even able to observe the two pelicans so perfectly aligned, let alone that you were able to capture it. Superbly done, David!!

Another comment I didn’t receive a notification about. I’m still surprised over 30 years later about how symmetrical the young Great Tits are.

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