Month of Squares

Sunlight on the Tree Tops

This is my day 20 contribution to Becky’s April Square Tops photo challenge.

Sunlight catching the tops of Silver Birch trees on a hillside at Bickerton Hill, Cheshire.

Light on the tops of Silver Birch trees


14 replies on “Sunlight on the Tree Tops”

I so want to get out today and see tree tops not in my garden or the roads around me, so thank you so much for today’s post! Helping keep me sane

A lot of it is now National Trust so that may make a difference to public access over there. Public access in Ontario is turning into a bit of a joke. The parks in the cities are open for exercise and are crowded at times. At the same time, if you went into a park/boat launch/picnic area around here you risk a fine even if you’re the only person there.

Bizarre isn’t it how they just cannot find a simple way to create and then implement the rules. We had the same problem here for a while with parks but mostly seems to have settled down now.

The last report I saw about some of the parks in Toronto said people would be issued fines if they didn’t maintain the 2 meter social distancing but that some of the residents were up in arms about all the rules and were going to do what they wanted. Similar to the situation in parts of the U.S.

it is really hopeless isn’t it . . .these are more than likely to be the same people to complain if a loved one can’t receive care.

The problem around here is that some of the city people have holiday cottages and trailers (caravans) in the area and are traveling up to them. The only pizza place in the nearest town has shut after a “tourist” refused to social distance and threw the pizza at the staff because they forgot jalapenos on half the pizza.

The Ontario legislature has told people to stay in their primary homes but some aren’t following the rules. Someone got the license plate for the pizza incident and the cops let slip that it was registered in a Toronto suburb. What the none residents don’t realise is that we don’t have medical facilities or doctors for the year round residents. I’d estimate that a third of the locals don’t have a family doctor. That means going to sit in the waiting room for the E.R. just to get a prescription refilled. Last time I needed a prescription refilled I sat in the waiting room surrounded by sick people for three hours.

Most are following the rules for now but I suspect that the longer it goes on the more people will start ignoring the rules. It already seems to be escalating in the cities.

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