Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Morning

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Morning.

I am a morning person and often have the alarm set to allow me to get to a location half an hour before sunrise. So here’s a small selection of photos taken around sunrise but not necessarily what I would call a photo of a sunrise.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Morning

Waves and rocks on the Lake Huron shoreline soon after sunrise.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Morning

A female Eurasian Blue Tit egg laying early in the morning.


One Word Sunday: Knot

A juvenile Red Knot on the Lake Huron shoreline at sunrise.


Friendly Friday: Art Unexpected

Waves and ripples on Lake Huron at sunrise.


Tuesday Photo Challenge - Trees

Snow and hoarfrost covered farmland at sunrise.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Treasure Hunt

A Eurasian Blue Tit silhouetted against the rising sun.


18 replies on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Morning”

Thanks. The waves and rocks photo has been a favourite of mine but it’s a film shot and I didn’t have a good digital copy until recently.

Thanks Ann-Christine. Being a morning person isn’t much help during the lockdown. Or one morning last summer when I must have walked past a black bear in the dark walking to the car to head out for a sunrise. The bear was breaking into the garbage shed before I was out of the driveway.

And another comment I didn’t have a notification about. I’ve always been a morning person. It’s a little frustrating during lockdown.

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