Month of Squares

On Top of Santa’s Stables

This is my day 25 contribution to Becky’s April Square Tops photo challenge.

It was supposed to be my day 24 contribution but shortly after posting day 23 I ended up in the local E.R. before being admitted to hospital. I am posting this from my hospital room.  As the various doctors seem to be playing a guessing game as to why my heart is racing and my list of symptoms is growing with the time I spend in hospital I’m not expecting to be out anytime soon.

As a result my posts will become erratic until I am discharged from the hospital.

Santa in his sleigh on top of the reindeer stables getting ready to depart.

On Top of Santa's Stables


11 replies on “On Top of Santa’s Stables”

Sorry to hear you’re not well, David. I hope you’re out of there soon. I thought maybe your internet had gone out again. Oh, and as you can see, I can make comments again. I never did hear from WordPress, but the comments area looks and works fine today.

I thought people would assume that our internet connection was down again. I filled a second report about the commets form and was told they knew about the issue and it was on the list of problems that needed fixing.

Sorry to hear that you got laid up in hospital. Please take care and it is good you went to ER as cardiac arrhythmia is no joke . I hope you do not need a pacemaker to regulate your heartbeat and this is a one off episode. Take care and the Santa photo is a nice reprieve to good ol pre Covid days. Blessings and Garfield hugs. Let us know how you are faring.

Praying hard for full recovery David. I am unsure if deep breathing can help you like meditating. Our PM Lee Hsien Loong and lot of people I know uses breathing techniques to manage their health. Stay calm and do let me know how you fare. Take care and blessings.

OMG Graham. I was one of those who just presumed it was sporadic internet. Do hope you are okay, and that they diagnose and treat you quickly.

Get well soon, and take care xx

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