Month of Squares

Red Maple Leaf on Top of a Boulder

This is my day 26 contribution to Becky’s April Square Tops photo challenge.

An update, I am no longer in isolation after the Covid-19 test came back negative. Otherwise there’s been no change, my heart rate has dropped a little but is still high and I still can’t do much before I’m short of breath.

To the photo, I had gone down to the Colpoy’s Bay shoreline for the sunrise but there wasn’t much of one. I started looking at some of the autumn colour and some of the textures and colours of the lichens growing on the boulders on that section of the shoreline.

While looking for interesting groups of lichens I found this nicely coloured Maple leaf on top of a boulder.

April Squares: Red Maple Leaf on Top of a Boulder


18 replies on “Red Maple Leaf on Top of a Boulder”

Thanks Graham. I was fairly confident I didn’t have Covid-19 with the self isolation and the only symptom being shortage of breath. I’ve developed two more Covid-19 symptoms since being admitted to hospital.

I’m very glad you were discharged from hospital so quickly, David and especially glad that you are COVID 19 negative!! I hope your other symptoms resolve soon, and that you will quickly be in tip top shape. (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that last bit.)

No, the hospital is in lockdown. No visitors allowed. I got the tablet in the care package (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant) someone dropped off. Presumably when they were picking up the car from the hospital parking lot.

I made up a list after checking care packages were allowed. I’ve just started the third different treatment to try to slow the heart rate.

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