Month of Squares

Colourful plastic Tops

This is my day 28 contribution to Becky’s April Square Tops photo challenge.

These are two of our reusable plastic water bottles, we’ve been using them for years.

April Squares: Colourful plastic Tops


18 replies on “Colourful plastic Tops”

I’m still a long way from being discharged. I’m still on I.V. antibiotics every six hours plus various other I.V. meds.

Tired all the time. I still have the shortness of breath that brought me into the E.R. They restarted my heart into a normal sinus rytham yesterday afternoon so hopefully that’s the start of the recovery.

oh David sounds quite horrid. Really hope this is the start of the recovery for you, and that they can get you off IVs to allow our recovery to continue at home. Hospitals are not the best places if you are tired!

I don’t know if they’ve worked out what started it or if it was multiple causes. By what the cardiologist said yesterday they had been wasting time trying to get the heart rate under control trying different meds for four days.

oh dear . . . . medicine is an art as much as a science isn’t it. Fingers crossed what they are now doing works. In the meanwhile try and rest!

Originally there was going to be a paragraph or two about recycling but given I’ve been drinking out of paper cups since I’ve been in hospital and how Covid-19 has messed up recycling drop off locations around here it didn’t seem right to go on about recycling when some people are struggling with the state of emergency.

It’s something to do. If I have an image on this tablet I can use I may as well keep myself busy. The hospital is in lockdown so no visitors allowed. I’m only allowed out of the room for physiotherapy.

This tablet came in as part of the care package Wendy put together. She had to leave it at the front desk for one of the nurses to pick up and bring to me.

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