Month of Squares

On Top of a Sandstone Crag by Starlight

This a my day 30 contribution to Becky’s April Square Tops photo challenge and a follow-up of sorts to my day nine contribution.

A thank you to Becky for a fun month of squares. Given that our internet connection was flaky at the start of the month and I ended up in hospital a week ago I’m amazed that I only missed one day.

This is Beeston Castle on top of a sandstone crag in Cheshire. The lines across the sky ar star trails. If I recall correctly this is an 100 minute exposure taken in the middle of the night. I was one of the volunteers protecting a Peregrine nest site on the cliff face below the castle.

On Top of a Sandstone Crag by Starlight


18 replies on “On Top of a Sandstone Crag by Starlight”

Thanks Jo. The night shifts on the Peregrine watch could be boring but it was always interesting seeing if the Peregrine or the Ravens would be the first to start calling at first light. I was discharged from the hospital yesterday to finish the recovery at home.

Thanks. I do wonder if they discharged me a little early but I get the impression that they don’t want anyone in hospital while this Covid-19 lockdown is on.

I’m not sure I’d want to be in hospital at this time, but it possibly adds to your anxiety that you are not getting enough care. Hopefully the medication helps.

No hospital stay is fun but this one was extra bleak with being in isolation until the Covid-19 test results were back and the hospital being in lockdown so no visitors or even leaving your room.

oh I am so happy you are now home, such a great way to end the month. And what a lovely photo to finish with, a sense of time and the night sky.

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