Weekly Prompts

Weekly Prompts: Razzmatazz

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts: Razzmatazz challenge.

What I didn’t know is thar razzmatazz is a colour, variously described as pink, rose, purple or crimson depending on the source.

This ambiguity and the “razz” at the start of the word made me think raspberry and of the North American Purple Finch. I have suggested in the past that Raspberry Finch would have been a better name. Now I’m wondering if Razzmatazz Finch wouldn’t be another option.

Some male Purple Finches photographed on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario over the past few years.


Weekly Prompts: Razzmatazz


A male Purple Finch checking what the photographer is up to


Weekly Prompts: Razzmatazz


19 replies on “Weekly Prompts: Razzmatazz”

Our numbers had seemed pretty stable until last autumn when they all disappeared. We’ve had one male and one female recently, the first in seven or eight months.

Thanks Sue. Up until last autumn they were a common species around the neighborhood. They all disappeared seven or eight months ago although I did have one male and one female a few days ago.

Thanks. I’m a lot better than I was. A cardiologist restarted my heart just over a week ago after doctors spent 4 days trying to stop the atrial fibrillation using various drugs which according to the cardiologist was never going to work. It been an “interesting” couple of months with one thing or another.

Good grief! That sounds like dangerous territory! I’m so pleased they stabilised your heart. You take care of yourself and stay in isolation! 🙂💐

The isolation should be the easy part around here. Unfortunately I suspect that the longer the Covid-19 rules go on the more people will start ignoring them and traveling up here to their holiday cottages and caravans. There already seems to be more traffic on our road and it’s a dead end so the vehicles are either year round residents or people coming up to their weekend place.

Oh, dear, there are signs in all the holidays spots such as the lake district telling people to go home, we don’t want covid! The police are randomly stopping people on holiday roads and turning them back. TV news reminds people that the hospitals in seadide towns are not equipped to cope with the virus and telling them not to risk taking this to other areas. Do n’t travel to holiday homes.
The other day the police fined and sent home a couple of people in Malham that had travelled up from Kent!
They don’t seem to think the rules apply to them!

People are

I know that the police are sending people back to their primary home if they’re found at a holiday home around here but I’m also seeing reports that some people are being allowed to stay at their holiday cottages and trailers if their primary home is within the county/health authority area. I can see the double standards causing trouble down the line.

I can see what you mean, on the other hand if they remain isolated and do not mix then perhaps that is acceptable, it’s when they begin to mix and shop etc that I see a problem.

By the way, my husband had atrial fibrillation for 40 years. When he would have an episode, the drugs never worked on him either. They always had to cardiovert him as well. We both got used to it after awhile. I suspect you will be tired afterwards each time they need to do this. Though you shouldn’t have as many repeat times as my husband did, as he was so young when the problem started. Get plenty of rest, which probably isn’t too difficult during isolation! I hope you are feeling better!

Thanks Hannah. I’m feeling a lot better since the cardio inversion. The cardiologist could tell it was the sort of atrial fibrillation that wouldn’t the drugs wouldn’t work on. He said they’d been wasting time trying the various drugs.

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