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A Photo a Week Challenge: Fleeting

I had a few ideas for the A Photo a Week Challenge: Fleeting but none of them really worked for me until I started thinking about some of the “grab shots” I remember taking over the years.

I remembered sitting in a garden shed I was using as a hide (blind) waiting for the resident European Robin to land on the telephoto lens I had set up. While waiting for the bird I noticed a pair of House Sparrows mating in the hedge. I swung the lens around and managed to get three photos before it was all over.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: The Birds and the Bees

House Sparrows mating in a garden hedge.


Some time later one of the shots of the mating House Sparrows was published in BBC Wildlife magazine. None of the photos of the European Robin on the lens have been published but I have been using a version as my avatar for years.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Fleeting

The European Robin on a telephoto lens in a Cheshire garden.


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