Throwback Thursday

Keeping the young warm

Throwback Thursday travels back to a garden shed in Hatherton, Cheshire in the spring of 1987.

I was documenting the nesting cycle of a pair of Eurasian Blue Tits using a specially constructed nestbox built into a garden shed.

At this point all the eggs have hatched but the young are still small and naked. As a result, on cool mornings the female stays on the nest keeping them warm while the male feeds them.

In this photo the female has moved off the nest so that the male can feed a caterpillar to one of the young.

Throwback Thursday: 21st May 2020


4 replies on “Keeping the young warm”

I know. I’ve been posting selected photos on Facebook but if I skip to many days I end up skipping the photo I was planning on posting next.

Die pimpelmeesjes, zo mooi met vader en moeder. Hoe gaat het met de meesjes? Ze leden toch ook onder een vogelvirus, dan zaten ze daar opgezwollen, helemaal van het padje … Wat kan je doen? Ze naar bed sturen met een aspirientje … Je kan wel zeggen: “De natuur regelt … , waar bemoei jij je mee? Ga je afwas doen.”
Ik hoop, dat in Canada alle dieren een mooie en gezonde zomertijd door mogen maken:
* * Amsterdam, 25 mei 2020, 22,35 uur … * Hollandse tijd *

I suspect that the local birds are having a better than normal spring. There seems to be more people feeding them this year with a lot of people staying at home.

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