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On the Hunt for Joy: Knoll Your Desk

This is my contribution to Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Knoll Your Desk.

I was sitting at the kitchen table I use for a computer desk editing photos when I was thinking about the prompt. I noticed a couple of things on the table that were a possibility for the challenge.

I used a fast lens for shallow depth of field and then did some heavy editing using Snapseed on this tablet.

Knoll Your Desk

The small Samsung SSD on the left is my primary backup drive for all my photos. The two USB cables next to it are for two more external hard drives used to backup all my photos. Those two drives are rotated with one being kept off site. 

My pen and pencil holder is an old plastic drinking glass, it holds everything but pens and pencils. The closest items to pens and pencils are two red Sharpes. The hex driver is for my camera and lens mounts, the old toothbrush is for cleaning in nooks and crannies and there’s also two small flashlights in it.

I must add that I have been using the new Block Editor for a couple of days but I have become so frustrated with it I went back to the classic editor to finish this post.


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Almost every time they’ve updated their editor, I’ve been frustrated and return to their classic editor. I thought this time I might give it a longer try. After your comment, maybe not. 🙂

Even after using it for multiple posts it seems slow and clunky, I don’t find it intuitive at all. On the other hand, the thought of going back to writing my own HTML isn’t something I relish if I decide to get my own domain and find a company to host it.

I’m not there with html. I left that behind when I retired. I started this blog using Microsoft Word for editing the text, copying and pasting into their current web editor, then putting in the graphics. Haven’t followed that model in years.

I had an online portfolio in the late 1990s that had grown to almost a thousand pages when I closed it down. In those days you needed to be able to tweek the HTML because no two browsers would display a page the same. I remember having a Mac with 9 different browsers installed, including 3 different versions of Internet Explorer. Each version of IE would display the same page differently. I had a PC with multiple browsers installed sitting next to the Mac so I could test pages on those browsers.

Thanks Cee. I find it amazing that the tiny SSD will hold the copies of three large plastic totes full of slide sheets plus all my other photos and music. I’ve used lots of editors over the years but the new Block Editor is worse than some of the block editors I used for web pages in the 1990s.

I’m thinking the same. I like the option of being able too flip over to the HTML and edit that in the classic editor.

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