Cosmic Photo Challenge

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Feel the Heat

This is my contribution to the Cosmic Photo Challenge: Feel the Heat.

When the prompt was posted this part of Ontario had dropped from 30°C to 12°C in the space of 48 hours. So I decided to go with a small selection of photos from my archives taken when I remembered some detail about the heat.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Feel the Heat

Donington Park race circuit in the early 1980s. I was a motorcycle racing guy, I had gone to Donington Park to check out an up and coming racer people were talking about called Ayrton Senna. So of course, I got photos of lots of cars apart from Ayrton Senna. It was that hot in the sun I ended up with blisters on my right ear.


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Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area, Saskatchewan in the late 1990s. I wanted to get as close to eye level with the American White Pelicans as possible. That meant either lying in the hot sun at the edge of the channel or setting up a tripod in the water and sitting in the water behind it.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Feel the Heat

A section of the Lake Huron shoreline at dawn in the mid 2000s. I had gone down to the Lake Huron shoreline in Southampton, Ontario at dawn as it was only going to get hotter as the day went on. I had recently got a new, plastic bodied digital camera and remember wondering how hot it could get before the heat started affecting the camera.


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Thanks Dale. Hard to pick a Pelican shot as I have dozens of variations including small groups and feeding flocks. Plus a Red-necked Grebe appeared close to me in the water and started fishing.

Thanks. I remember the car race because it’s the only time my ears ever blistered from the sun and then thought about the heat from an engine on a race track.

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