Six Word Saturday

Backlit Maple Leaves in the Spring

My contribution to Six Word Saturday.


Six Word Saturday: Backlit Maple Leaves in the Spring


11 replies on “Backlit Maple Leaves in the Spring”

Thanks Becky. Taken on my early morning walk yesterday. I’m having to go early morning before there gets to many people about now. They’re now allowed to there holiday cottages and trailers and apparently when they’re up here they don’t need to social distance, wear face masks or follow the rule about maximum group of five people. I saw a group of seven stood around talking, none of them wearing face masks last weekend.

The year round residents are still following the rules. It’s the people with summer places that forget the rules because they’re not at home around their neighborhood.

oh no, that’s awful for you and the rest of the local community. We’ve got the same problem here – beaches in some areas packed with outsiders. So frustrating

Oh, the beaches and parks are still closed. It’s not as if there’s much to do when they come up for the weekend. I can’t even go for a sunrise at the local bay.

No, the parks and beaches are closed for health reasons. The don’t want people using the public toilets, play areas and drinking fountains. The local council are playing it very safe having lost a court case and having a massive fine to pay for grooming a beach where a protected species was nesting previously.

The legal fees must be huge as well as the fine. They appealed the fine and lost so now they’re appealing the appeal. Meanwhile the mayor is saying Piping Plovers don’t need protecting because there’s thousands on the Florida beaches in the winter. Because the average tourist can’t tell the difference between a Piping Plover and anyone of half a dozen other plover species that winter down there.

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