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Weekend Challenge: What is it?

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: What is it? #4.

I had an idea for this challenge when putting together a post for a different photo challenge. However, I couldn’t find the photo I wanted to use. I knew I had it as a colour slide and that I had made a digital copy previously although a cropped, low resolution version.


Weekend Challenge: What is it?

So can anyone identify these?


The reason I couldn’t find the good digital copy was because I had added the keywords as I uploaded them from memory without checking the caption on the slide mount.

As a result they were misidentified!


Weekend Challenge: What is it?

They are seeds of the Corncockle. Once a common weed in wheat fields it is now uncommon due to modern farming practices. All parts of the plant are poisonous so it’s lucky my misidentification was limited to my photo library.

I had identified them as Oriental Poppy seeds which are a similar shape but have rows of dimples on them rather than the rows of raised spots on these seeds.


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As the whole plant is poisonous they’re probably poisonous but humans must have eaten some in the past if the seeds were mixed in with the wheat.

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