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An Olympus using European Robin

Welcome to my new weekly feature, Saturday Bird this week featuring a photo of a European Robin from 1988.

Given the recent announcement that Olympus is selling their camera division to a Japanese investment company the future of the brand is now uncertain. So I thought this photo of a European Robin checking the camera settings on an Olympus would be appropriate.

The bird is standing on my OM Zuiko 300mm lens. I had already taken a hacksaw to the tripod mount to make clearance for a sound proofing blimp. The chrome OM2n body is taped up to cut down on reflections. The camera is loaded with the ubiquitous Kodachrome 64.


A Saturday Bird: European Robin


2 replies on “An Olympus using European Robin”

This shot is really marvelous, David!!! I think it’s one of my favorites. And I hadn’t heard about the sale – oh no!!!!! I have thousands of dollars of Olympus equipment and am quite dependent of their in-camera IS because of my arthritic hands.

No one outside the investment company and maybe Olympus know what is planned so it’s pretty much all up in the air at the moment. I wouldn’t be buying any $10,000 lenses but existing kit will continue to work and independent camera repair shops should be able to povide a repair service.

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