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First Light on Grass Seed Heads

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Six Word Saturday: First Light on Grass Seed Heads


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Thanks Becky. I went back that way with a different camera/lens combination but the lighting wasn’t as good. The light is the rising sun shining through gaps in the trees so it’s never the same day to day.

It seems different this summer. I suspect that the lack of air travel has cleaned up the air a little. The sky seems bluer also. Of course this part of Ontario is on an east/west route so it’s not unusual to see 4 or 5 airliners in the sky normally.

I do hope when this is all over we don’t return to ‘normal’. Hope things change and so that our skies and lives are better

I’ve been thinking that but the local council has closed reclosed one of the tourist beaches because a lot of the tourists weren’t following the rules. So the signs aren’t good. I’m wearing a face mask if I go into town because of the tourists in places like the grocery store not following the rules.

Same problems here. Only a small percentage not following the rules but enough to cause anxiety, and to risk a rise again in the numbers 😦 the sharp decline through late May has stopped in recent weeks to become a minuscule decline if not stabilisation, so really not going to take much here to return to April peaks 😦

This area had very low numbers of cases due to the low winter and spring population but I’m expecting a big spike now the tourists and people with weekend places have arrived. Most locals are being very cautious but a lot of the people with weekend places aren’t following the rules. As soon as the were allowed to travel to their weekend places they were stood around in groups talking to their neighbours. No one was social distancing or wearing face masks.

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