Weekly Prompts

Weekend Challenge: Scenic

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Scenic.

I had a few ideas for the challenge but I wasn’t really happy with any of them. Then I thought about a small set of photos all taken on a back road in southern Cheshire. It was the scenic route into the village of Audlem and I used to take it frequently rather than using the more direct main road.


Weekend Challenge: Scenic

Farmland with St James’ Church, Audlem on the horizon at sunset. The church clock shows the photo was taken at 5:10.


Throwback Thursday: 20th February 2020

A wider view of the same farmland, this time snow covered shortly after sunrise. St James’ Church in on the horizon again.


Weekend Challenge: Scenic

Storm clouds over the farmland. An even wider view showing some of the back road. A small St James’ Church on the horizon in this photo.


15 replies on “Weekend Challenge: Scenic”

Scenic views indeed. It’s hard to beat the little back roads in Britain. Mostly pretty quiet and all sorts of interesting things to see along the way.

Back roads everywhere are fun to drive. The ones in Britain are/were so narrow and winding, often with high hedges either side, that it’s like negotiating a maze. By the way, I don’t see a ‘like’ option on your comments. Not sure what that’s about.

WordPress is having “issues” again at the moment. Reader isn’t showing some posts and some posts are appearing hours or even days after they were posted. The problem with back roads in Saskatchewan was that if you saw something, by the time you had stopped the animal was a quarter mile away. Being prairie either unfenced or with a simple barbed wire fence the animals could see you as well as you could see them.

The WordPress app for Android seems to have more bugs each time it’s updated. It’s putting random captions on photos at the moment and Debbie’s One Word Sunday post took about 4 hours to appear in the reader on this tablet.

Well, I’m glad you managed to respond to this challenge.
I love your photographs, we cannot better our scenic landscapes, our villages and our churches on the horizon. Thank you David.

I don’t find WordPress very stable at the moment – it seems to stem from when the new editor became the default. I’ve switched back to the Classic, but it’s just not running as smoothly as it was. I was half way through writing this comment and my computer crashed. I blame this on WordPress not my PC.

Thanks Sue. There’s definitely some serious gremlins affecting WordPress at the moment. Debbie’s One Word Sunday post took about 4 hours to appear in the reader on the app and Chrome browser. The Android app is putting random captions on photos in reader since the last update. Sometimes I can take me 10 attempts to upload a photo for a post although that could also be our internet connection which is flaky yet again.

I read a comment today where someone asked a blogger if she’d changed her Settings because she was now receiving her notifications as well as her own! How bizarre is that?

I’ve had posts not appear on the reader for a couple of hours but that’s usually when I’ve had them on the schedule but then done last minute changes, literally at the last few seconds so probably my own fault.

I had someone say the like button had disappeared when they commented on one of my posts today. I have to say that WordPress seems to be getting more buggy each time they update something.

Reading all the WP comments gives me some relief it is not just me, but then also panic that the whole thing is about to collapse. So many quirks at the moment 😦

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