Month of Squares

Monochrome Perspective on a Fence

This is my day 1 contribution to Becky’s July Squares on the theme of Perspective.

This may look like a fence but it’s actually a row of wood piles holding back about 20 inches (50 cm) of dirt and rocks. It’s deceptive, the grass behind the fence is only a couple of inches below the top of it.

There’s a second perspective involved in the photo. When I was using black and white film regularly I the 1970s and 80s I could “see” in monochrome. Once I stopped using black and white film I lost that ability at some point. However, both my modern mirrorless cameras have an electronic viewfinder which can be set to monochrome. The monochrome viewfinder is helping me get the ability to see in monochrome back. I am once again noticing tones and light and shade before I put the viewfinder to my eye.


July Squares: Monochrome Perspective on a Fence


8 replies on “Monochrome Perspective on a Fence”

Without your explanation I would have assumed this was just a bizarre low fence, or that you were photographing a high fence from a great distance. Perspective is everything.

A clever and artistic introduction to the perspective theme, David. Well done! I sometimes flick to black and white for my viewfinder – it is good to train the black and white eye now and then.

Thanks Debbie. I never seemed to have a problem with my black and white eye in the film era when I was shooting black and white film. I seemed to lose it when there was no demand for black and white from editors and I stopped using it.

Thanks Becky. I was always planning on posting a colour version with a different lens. Having started the month with this version I decided to save the colour version for the end of the month.

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