Squares Challenge

Unusual Perspective on a Nail Brush

This is my day 6 contribution to Becky’s July Squares on the theme of Perspective.

This are the bristles of a used nail brush, the distorted bristles remind me of bacteria seen through a microscope.


July Squares: Unusual Perspective on a Nail Brush


17 replies on “Unusual Perspective on a Nail Brush”

superb! I will be thinking of you as well as Cee now every-time I go in the bathroom. She comes into my thoughts because of her toothbrush and now you will come in my mind when i go to use the nail brush 😀

Thanks Becky. It would be nice to have some spare time to find a few more unusual angles on household objects but I don’t seem to have time to do much since going back to work.

Or just stuck at home…I’m recycling photos from weeks, months gone by. At least I have cards filled with nature and birds. I’m ready to get back out there! 🙂

I finally got out at the weekend for the sunrise although I’m still not allowed to visit my favourite sunrise location.

What I find ridiculous is that I can go to my favourite sunrise location but I’m not allowed to stand still even if I’m the only person down on that section of the shoreline. I risk an $800 fine for standing still.

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