Olympus OM system cameras

This is my contribution to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Cameras, photographers or equipment.

It’s also a look back at the 31 years I used the Olympus OM system given the uncertain future of Olympus cameras at the moment.


Olympus OM system cameras

My first Olympus camera, an OM1 purchased in 1976. When I added an OM2n in 1980 this OM1 became my black and white film camera. Utterly reliable unlike some later OM system cameras.


Olympus OM system cameras

An Olympus OM4T I purchased used in the late 1990s. A big mistake, it soon developed the shutter problem I was so familiar with having owned an early OM4. If the OM4 wasn’t in the repair shop for new circuit boards it was in there for a new shutter. I gave up after multiple replacements of both circuit boards and shutters.


5 replies on “Olympus OM system cameras”

From what I saw you did, I think I know partly where I have gone wrong. I was trying to get the entire camera in focus and it doesn’t work. I like how zoomed in on the lens and bokehed (is that a word) the rest or vice versa. And don’t shoot the glass in the lens. Hmmm may have to play with that.

I’ve used a lot of brands and formats over the years but there’s always been an Olympus in the mix even if it’s just for personal work.

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