Weekly Photo Challenge


This is my contribution to the One Word Sunday prompt Pair.

My first thought was pairs of birds, mammals and insects. I decided to keep it simple and go with a pair of photos of pairs of birds. As it turned out, the two photos I picked were taken a couple of miles and three years apart.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Through an Opening

A pair of American Avocets feeding on a slough near Punnichy, Saskatchewan.


Water Water Everywhere #30: Golden Reflections

A pair of Horned Grebe amongst reflections on a farm pool near Punnichy, Saskatchewan.


15 replies on “Pair”

Thanks Becky. The American Avocets are only that colourful in the summer, breeding season. They’re a drab grey in the winter. What is neat is that you can tell male and female by the curve of their bills.

I suspect it is but it would need research. The male American Avocets have a straighter bill, females more curved. Which makes it a male in the foreground and a female behind in my photo. This is confirmed in a photo of them just prior to mating.

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