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Colpoy’s Bay at night

Travel Tuesday is only traveling back to very early last Saturday morning when I traveled to the dock in the village of Colpoy’s Bay in another attempt to photograph the comet Neowise.

These star trails over Colpoy’s Bay are a 25 minute exposure in total. I was using the live composite setting on an Olympus camera so the initial exposure was 1 second with a further 1,499 1 second exposures added to the initial exposure.

Earth has started passing through the Perseids meteor shower which explains all the shooting stars the camera recorded. The light along the bottom left of the frame is a vehicle driving down the shoreline road. The breaks in the light are when the vehicle is behind trees.


Travel Tuesday: Colpoy's Bay at night


4 replies on “Colpoy’s Bay at night”

Thanks Susan. I was surprised how many shooting stars I recorded. I think I counted around 20. I sent the photo to a friend in the U.K. who’s an amateur astronomer. It was him who told me we were passing through the Perseids meteor shower.

Ik snap er niks van … , vallende sterren … Ben je 25 minuten aan het belichten = 25 x 60 keer … Dat moet ik met me eigen ogen zien, vind een nachtopname al héél wat … , met of zonder flits … Groetjes from Holland, 30 juli 2020, 15.50 uur … , Amsterdamse tijd … *

This ended up in the spam folder. I normally mass delete everything in the spam folder without looking at it but I spotted it just as I was about to bin everything.

The total exposure time was 25 minutes but the camera actually took 1,500 exposures of one second and combined them in the camera.

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