Photo Challenges

Friendly Friday: Close Examination

This is my contribution to the Friendly Friday Challenge: Close Examination.


Weekly Prompts: What is it?

Hooks on a Lesser Burdock seed head. Where the inventor of Velcro got the idea.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Macro

Detail of the cap of a Fly Agaric fungi. The classic red Toadstool so popular with the illustrators of children’s books.

3 replies on “Friendly Friday: Close Examination”

It is surprising how close examination of objects in macro reveal inconsistencies that look perfect with the naked eye.Nothing is ever exact, even with the white circles on the red toadstool. It just depends on our perspective as to what we see. LIfe can be like that.
I had heard of the plant that inspired velcro, but have not seen it. Now I have, David. Thank you for sharing these excellent photos.

Thank you. I suspect that people expect the white on the toadstool to be regular and circular because that’s how they’re often illuminated in children’s books. The white patches are actually the remains of the veil that covered the fungi as it emerged from the soil.

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