Weekly Prompts

Weekend Challenge: Sunshine Yellow

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Sunshine Yellow.

I decided that sunrise and sunset images were too obvious so went looking for the unusual. Then I decided to go with photos taken on my various walks around the neighborhood.


Weekend Challenge: Sunshine Yellow

A yellow cap on a plywood figure on the South Bruce Peninsula. Unusual because most of these plywood figures have cowboy hats.


Weekend Challenge: Sunshine Yellow

A giant yellow butterfly garden ornament. Taken on one of my walks around the neighborhood testing various camera and lens combinations.


Weekend Challenge: Sunshine Yellow

Two yellow Lady’s Slipper Orchids on the South Bruce Peninsula. A photo from 6 years ago when there was still lots of these Orchids growing wild around the neighborhood. I haven’t seen any for a couple of years. I  suspect that they’ve all been dug up and planted in people’s gardens.


12 replies on “Weekend Challenge: Sunshine Yellow”

Hi David. I love your choices. Especially like the yellow cap, does it remind you of home? Thank you for doing the challenge. Hope all is well with you.

I suspect that the colour is more to do with the paint available. There’s a yellow painted bicycle used as a garden ornament at the same neighbours.

That sounds like a nod towards the Tour de France. It was held here in Yorkshire a few years back and now we have yellow bikes everywhere. It led to the Tour de Yorkshire now held on my doorstep every year.

I doubt that the neighbour considered the Tour de France. It’s an old fashioned bicycle with a flower planter hanging on the frame.

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