Throwback Thursday

Female Common Merganser with young

This week Throwback Thursday is traveling back 13 years to August 2007.

This is a female Common Merganser with young on Lake Huron near the Long Dock in Southampton, Ontario, Canada. This was a very late brood, the young wouldn’t have long to grow and prepare to head south for the winter.


Throwback Thursday: Female Common Merganser with young


18 replies on “Female Common Merganser with young”

Another interesting thing about the Common Merganser is that the females form creches of up to 70 birds. This family is too late in the year to be included in a creche. Most of the young Common Merganser are almost fully grown at this time of year.

Crows do, once the young ones fledge. They live together in colonies, and have a very advanced social structure. The can hunt for food together, and absolutely defend food and territory together and work as a group to fend off an attacker. They are also extremely intelligent – actually more intelligent than some mammal species. We have had resident crows here around the lake in Oakland for over a hundred years, so I’ve needed to do some research about them 😉

Dit is weer een van je Toppers. Ik kan niet schrijven: Deze overtreft alles, want dat vossensnuitje tussen het dorre gras was ook fabelachtig mooi, al je vogeltjes, hertjes, eekhoorntjes … Kortom: Altijd een GROTE VERRASSING! * Amsterdam, 15 – 8 – 2020, 15.45 uur … * Hollandse tijd … *

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