Cosmic Photo Challenge

Splashes and Colour

This is my contribution to the Cosmic Photo Challenge: A Splash of Colour prompt.

I initially went with a splash of colour before going with splashes in colour.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: A Splash of Colour
A selective colour treatment of a wave on the Georgian Bay shoreline.
Wordless Wednesday: 18th December 2019
A wave breaks over the Colpoy’s Bay shoreline at sunrise.
Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Morning
Waves and rocks on the Lake Huron shoreline at sunrise.

8 replies on “Splashes and Colour”

Thanks Dale. It took me three attempts to publish and the WordPress app has crashed twice since then. 20 minutes messing around so far. I’m beginning to think that it’s time to look for an alternative to WordPress.

I think it’s just an update glitch, they happen occasionally. I’ve seen a few people commenting about it being weird in the last week, I expect it’ll work itself out, it usually does.

I’m getting a little frustrated with all the glitches recently. The app just crashed again while I was replying to you.

Hmm, strange. The only problem I’ve noticed is with liking posts on other blogs. I still haven’t found a better platform than WordPress for blogging, though, so I’ll stick with it.

I’ve been having all sorts of problems recently but my biggest complaint is just how slow everything has been recently. At first I thought it was our rural internet connection bug other sites aren’t as slow.

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