Creativity in the Time of Covid

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Creativity in the Time of Covid prompt.

I decided to keep it simple and go with a small selection of photos taken during my time in lockdown.

On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Mix Play with Everyday
Clouds streaking across the sky at dusk. I used the live composite setting on my Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II. All my sunrise and sunset locations were closed so I set up in a gap in the trees around the yard.
Cosmic Photo Challenge: From an Unusual Angle
Paper Birch trees against a blue sky on the South Bruce Peninsula. I was going for regular walks around the neighborhood. Sometimes the sky seemed deeper blue than normal. Possibly due to the lack of aircraft flying at the time.
Wordless Wednesday: 15th April 2020
Close up of a Pine cone. I set up a table top studio and photographed things that I had picked up on my walks around the neighborhood.
Cee's Black and White Photo Challenge: Close ups or macros
Variegated Hosta leaves in monochrome. I experimented with setting my mirrorless Olympus camera to monochrome.

29 replies on “Creativity in the Time of Covid”

Excellent photos as ever David, that first one looks amazing! I do wonder if you’re right about the improvements due to the lack of aviation (and cars & trucks in general) – we’ve noticed something similar over here.

Setting up a little studio for still life work was an interesting idea. What sort of set up do you have?

Thanks Stuart. I simply used the top of a kitchen cabinet/cupboard. I picked up some sheets of coloured craft board from the dollar store before lockdown so I used those as backgrounds if the painted top of the cupboard didn’t work. The light source was the light box I used to use for editing slides and some small white and gold reflectors I normally keep in the back of the car.

Love your photos here. I’ve taken pictures of hosta leaves — they’re so graceful and graphic. But I’ve never thought of photographing a pine cone. It’s very cool and interesting. Thanks for this lovely post.

The pine cone is so surprising at macro range! I had no idea it would look like that. And I love your hosta shot. Of course the sunsets are absolutely beautiful, too. Once again, your photographs are wonderful.

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