Everyday Objects

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #111: Everyday Objects.

I had a couple of ideas for this challenge, one of which stood out. Then when I started picking photos for this post I changed my plan completely.

Some unusual perspectives on everyday objects taken in the last six months.

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Comfort Food
Colourful sprinkles on a glazed donut.
One Word Sunday: Fraction
Close up of a Pine cone using a cheap (and nasty) 25mm f/1.4 CCTV lens adapted to a mirrorless camera.
Cosmic Photo Challenge: Pick a Colour
Blue anodized aluminium of the knurled section of a small torch (flashlight).
Wordless Wednesday: 19th August 2020
A Coneflower photographed with a fast portrait lens.

15 replies on “Everyday Objects”

Oh my David, I do love the sprinkles image! My question is this…..who thinks about taking such an image?! I’d have thought of it long after I’d eaten it LOL.

Hi, David. Tina is right. I would have eaten the donut first and then thought about photographing the sprinkles! Your image made me smile! The texture of the torch and the vivid color is a great image, too, as well as the others. You have a marvelous eye.

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