Getting Back to Basics

Back to Basics

A rather long and rambling post about two visits to the local bay for the sunrise last weekend.

On Saturday morning I took a large camera bag with a trio of large, autofocus weather sealed zoom lenses. On Sunday morning I took a small camera bag with a trio of small, manual focus prime lenses.

The trio of small, manual focus prime lenses is the back to basics kit I put together after an accident last year left me with restricted movement in my right shoulder and a weaker right arm. My arm and shoulder is now as good as it’s going to get and most of the time I could be carrying and using the big, autofocus zoom lenses.

Except, on Sunday morning I realised that I preferred using my back to basics kit. I don’t miss the convenience of being able to zoom a lens to get the composition I want. I prefer the simplicity of manually focusing and setting the aperture on the lens.

Back to Basics discovery
Colpoy’s Bay at sunrise on Saturday with my autofocus zoom kit.
Colpoy's Bay at sunrise with my Back to Basics kit
Colpoy’s Bay at sunrise on Sunday with my manual focus prime kit.