Throwback Thursday

Rum and Raisin at Sunset

Throwback Thursday is traveling back to the summer of 1985.

I spent part of that summer in Ontario shooting travel and nature for two British photo agencies. This is a sunset seen from the dock in Big Bay. Close to the dock there’s a general store that sold (and still sells as far as I know) homemade ice cream. I was eating rum and raisin ice cream while photographing the setting sun.

Throwback Thursday: Rum and Raisin at Sunset

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I could be doing it this morning. Every time I grab a camera to go for a walk it starts raining again. We must have had close to a foot of rain in August. We had over 6 inches in two storm systems.

We’re on high ground near the top of the Niagara Escarpment but some of the local hay fields are partly flooded and villages on the low side of the peninsula have had flooding.

The water levels in the Great Lakes and in the lakes in general are almost at record highs. One local dock has been closed for about 16 months because the water is over it. It’s started washing sections of shoreline away on both sides of the peninsula.

I was down at the local dock for the sunrise this morning and roadway out to the dock is washing out. There was a small shingle beach near the dock a few years ago but it’s under a foot of water now.

We didn’t have a lot of snow last winter but the summer has made up for it. We had over 3 inches of rain between last Wednesday and Saturday

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