Month of Squares

One Of A Kind

This is my day 1 contribution to Becky’s October Squares on the theme of Kind.

It’s not the European Robin standing on my 600mm lens that is the one of a kind. It’s the one of a kind mix of camera equipment it’s standing on.

The lens is an EBC Fujinon 600mm f/5.6 that has been converted to an Olympus OM mount. The Olympus OM2n had been taped up to reduce reflections and help keep the rain out. There’s friction tape on the grip to help with using the camera when wearing gloves.

Out of shot, the lens is being supported by a home made gimbal tripod head. Built before any of the commercial gimbal tripod heads were available.

April Squares: On Top of the Lens

15 replies on “One Of A Kind”

Thanks Becky. The planned sequence has already changed so some rewriting will be required when I’m somewhere with Wi-Fi.

ah the challenges of a daily challenge, we change our mind after we have scheduled! I’ll simply be happy to see you as and when you can make it

Thanks Debbie. With our internet connection problems I hadn’t really given October Squares much thought until coming up with a theme a couple of days ago.

Thanks, there’s something endearing about the European Robin. The American Robin is just a Eurasian Blackbird with a red breast.

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