Square Months

One Of A Kind #5

Having miscalculated my squares for October I had to find a square to end the month. So I thought a bird at sunset would be an appropriate ending.

A male Mallard in silhouette at sunset in the winter is my day 31 contribution to Becky’s October Squares challenge on the theme of Kind.

A big thanks to Becky for an interesting and varied October Squares. It was bigger challenge than usual for me without an internet connection at home.

October Squares: One Of A Kind #5

23 replies on “One Of A Kind #5”

Actually, the butterfly eggs remind me of the “eggs” in the Alien films that the face huggers hatch from. I’m still looking for a sensibly priced face hugger face mask to wear to the grocery store.

I’m already unpopular in the local grocery store so a face hugger face mask would only add to my reputation. We very rarely shop there as it’s expensive and aimed at gouging the tourists rather than catering to the locals.

Thanks Amy. It was sort of planned. In the afternoon I worked out the best location for silhouetted birds at sunset. I have a few species of silhouetted wildfowl from that day.

Thanks Jo. It wasn’t planned that way. I miscalculated the days left after my day 26 post and had to throw a final post together and rewrite day 30.

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