Paper Birch Bark and Snow

This is my contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: White or cream colours.

We got up to an inch or so of snow yesterday morning so I had my white. When I went for a walk I noticed the snow stuck to the trunk of a Paper Birch tree. That was my, sort of, cream.

CFFC: White and cream colours

12 replies on “Paper Birch Bark and Snow”

When I lived in northern Minnesota, I always loved the birch trees, because of their bark. Fantastic photo for this week. Thanks David for playing along 😀

Lovely picture. We got a little snow in Prescott, AZ, too. It stayed in the shadowy places on the ground, but none on the trees. I love the trees against the blue sky as well. Have a great week.

Thanks Marsha. We’ve been alternating between snow and thawing since the beginning of November. We’re currently under a snowfall warning with the possibility of a foot of snow by Wednesday morning.

Snow in November seems to be getting more common each year. We had snow in May this year that was quickly followed by heat and humidity. Spring lasted about 2 weeks.

LOL. That sounds like our fall in CA. Fall seems to be lasting longer in Prescott. I still don’t know what to expect here in AZ.

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