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Whilst Walking

This is my contribution to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Whilst Walking prompt.

Taken a few days ago on a walk around the neighborhood. Since then the temperature climbed 15 degrees Celsius and all the snow disappeared.

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Whilst Walking

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I had to scrape frozen wet snow off the car on the first Monday of November. Since then we’ve had record high temperatures and have bounced between unseasonably warm weather and winter weather several times.

It’s been a strange year for weather. Winter dragged on and we had a week or so of spring like weather before getting summer heat and humidity. In the past month we started with a tornado warning, then a wind warning that morphed into a snow squall warning followed by another wind warning.

I certainly get that impression. The trees were very late coming into leaf but were changing colour early, in late summer almost. We had various winter bird species show up earlier then usual and then move on. We had summer bird species hang on later than normal and some of the autumn migrants from the north were late.

I do wonder how it’s going to affect forests and woodland. I can’t imagine trees growing and staying healthy when they’re only in leaf for a few months and dormant most of the time. Some of the bird species are what’s known as irruptive meaning they move to where food is available. But if the trees are going to have such a short growing season are they going to be producing seeds for the birds.

When will us humans start really doing something? The bane of my life locally is light pollution, neighbours obsessed with external lights on all night 😦

I suspect that things are going to get worse. Governments are going to be so desperate to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic that environmental concerns are ignored.

The temperature dropped overnight and it’s snowing again this morning. Since falling off a ladder and messing up my left leg and right shoulder I have to be very careful when there’s ice and snow on the ground.

Of course. I can empathise having fallen off a ladder too. And slipped on black ice, covered in soft snow. I still love snow but am very wary of ice.

I have ice cleats that slip over my winter boots if the ice gets too bad although the cleats are slippery on concrete.

I thought they would solve the problem but slippery on concrete? Oh because they don’t dig in and grip, that makes sense. Be careful out there.

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