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A Unique Camera Strap

This is my contribution to the Friendly Friday: Unique prompt.

I was struggling to come up with a post for this challenge until going for a walk on Saturday morning.

I used the latest version of my home made sling type camera strap. Anyone who followed me here from my earlier blog may remember the issues I had with camera straps.

A bit of background. In the mid 1990s I designed and prototyped a variety of straps and carrying systems for a company making and selling camera accessories for outdoor photographers.

As a result I wasn’t happy with any of the commercially available straps I tried in the digital era. So I decided to design my own sling type camera strap.

The strap itself is just an adjustable loop worn bandolier (or cross body) style. I made it adjustable to allow for wearing the strap over a thin shirt in the summer and a thick coat in the winter.

Edit: I added a second post detailing the webbing loop.

Friendly Friday: Unique

This is the strap attached to a small mirrorless camera. I replaced the triangular split ring with an oversized circular split ring. The split ring is attached to the strap using a locking S biner. The S biner is attached to a 1 1/2 inch hard plastic O ring. The oversized O ring allows the camera to slide up and down the strap without binding.

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Unique

This is the strap attached to a DSLR. The slotted camera strap lugs are fitted with Op/Tech Adapt-its which convert the slotted attachment to an eyelet. The lockable S biner takes a second or two to attach and lock but is very secure when locked.

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Very nice David. It looks very handy and secure. I remember researching all the different & best types of camera straps. I did get one but quickly realised that I couldn’t tolerate the weight of the camera hanging off it. Eventually, I found a good harness contraption but it was bulky. These days, I jutt go with an extensible wrist grip. It’s flexible and good enough for what I do. I like you ideas though. Very innovative.

Thanks Sandy. The bandolier style means that the weight of the camera is on my left shoulder. I can also use a wrist strap using the oversized split ring and a locking S biner.

Thanks Becky. If I hadn’t messed around with the popular commercially available straps for so long I could have been using this version a year or two ago and saved myself some money.

I did consider contacting the company I designed straps and carrying solutions for, I’m still in contact with them on social media. However it’s not really a product for a nature photographer carrying a big lens and tripod. Then I realised that if I did find someone to make it there would be half a dozen cheap knockoffs coming out of China if it proved slightly popular.

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