Motion Blur

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge prompt You Pick It!

I thought about some of my experiments since being restricted to what I could do due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some of the experiments involved using the live composite and the live time settings of my Olympus camera to show motion blur of clouds at dawn and dusk.

As I have been experimenting with motion blur for years I decided to add a couple of earlier images to this post.

Clouds moving across Colpoy's Bay at dawn

A 346 second exposure of clouds moving across Colpoy’s Bay, Ontario at dawn in the summer. Taken using a strong neutral density filter on the lens and using the live time feature of my Olympus camera.

Water Water Everywhere #22

A wave breaking over a rock on the Lake Huron shoreline in Southampton, Ontario 18 years ago. Isolated using the long telephoto I use for birds and mammals.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: You Pick It!

A wave breaking on the Georgian Bay, Ontario shoreline at sunrise 35 years ago. The camera was set up on a tripod and the shutter tripped when a suitable looking wave was about to break on the stones.

20 replies on “Motion Blur”

Good work David, I especially liked your opening image. The colors are wonderful. Did you have to do multiple days or did you get lucky with a beautiful sunrise on the morning you chose?

Thanks Tina. If I recall correctly it was one of the mornings I went down to the bay looking for Comet Neowise in the summer. I was experimenting with various camera settings and techniques while looking for the comet.

Did you use a neutral density filter to cut down on the exposure, or did your camera’s lens stop down enough to handle the long exposure time? Love the technique. I will have to explore the moving cloud images!

I used a neutral density filter for the clouds moving across Colpoy’s Bay, a 7 stop if I remember correctly. The other two are film images taken on slow transparency film so I could stop the lens down enough without needing a filter.

Wonderful omages, David – as usual. But my greatest love is the first one – it envelops me. It’s the magic of movement towards.

Thanks Ann-Christine. I keep meaning to do more of those types of images but there’s so many variables I haven’t had many chances to try.

I may have to start experimenting with storm clouds as that seems to be the predominant weather at sunrise recently.

I’m regretting not clearing the snow off the car before it froze. It was supposed to get up to 0°C this afternoon but the temperature has been dropping slowly since we got up, it’s -3°C feeling like -8 this afternoon.

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