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Curvy Webbing

This is my contribution to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Circles and Curves prompt. It is also a continuation of my recent post about my home made sling style camera strap.

Part two gives detail of the webbing loop that forms the strap. This should allow anyone who’s interested to make one for themselves.

This is also my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Sharing as I’m sharing the design with anyone who wants to make one.

CBWC: Circles and Curves

A complete strap in tan cotton webbing. The end of the webbing has been doubled over, sewn and frayed so it can’t pull through the slide adjuster used to adjust the length of the strap.

CBWC: Circles and Curves

A complete strap in black polypropylene webbing. This shows the locking S biner which is used to attach and detach the strap from the camera. The S biner is unlocked in the photo.

CBWC: Circles and Curves

Detail of the threading through the slide adjuster on the black polypropylene strap. Rather than double over and sew the end I doubled the webbing back through the slide adjuster. The photo shows the webbing loose so it’s easier to follow. When pulled tight the slide adjuster cannot slide.

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Thanks Becky. I used backlighting to bring out the detail in the tan cotton webbing version and a gold reflector to bounce some light into the shadows of the black polypropylene strap. Then realised that a white reflector would have worked as I was doing a monochrome conversion of the shots.

Thanks Cee. I thought it was a good opportunity to show the slings after a recent post about making my own straps.

You kind of lost me in the detail, but I love your photographs.
And thank you for taking part in the challenge. How’s the snow? It began here this morning, very exciting, but after an hour changed to rain.

It was really a follow up to a recent post about making my own straps. I thought I would share the second part for anyone interested in making one of them. We’ve been getting some light rain today and it’s a couple of degrees above freezing so we’re getting some slow thawing.

I’ve been making or modifying camera accessories for years. I was working with a company making and selling camera accessories for outdoor photographers in the mid 1990s. My home made ground level tripod was powder coated in the Rolls Royce car factory.

Thanks. I was one of the volunteers protecting a Peregrine nest site in southern Cheshire in the 1990s and one year shared a shift with someone from the car factory so my ground pod was powder coated and my aluminium custom quick release plates for my cameras and lenses were hard anodized. I’m replying to you using the Chrome browser on my tablet as the recently updated WordPress app will no longer let me like some posts and is not showing others.

I no longer use the App, instead, I created a shortcut to the online WP-Admin Classic editor.

Occasionally, if I’m in the kitchen I’ll use my old laptop, I haven’t updated the WP App in months, and it still uses the the Classic that they removed in August.

The trick is to never update the App, just a pity I didn’t realise that when I updated on my PC in August

Last week, thinking I never use the App anyway, I foolishly went ahead and let it update, but Immediately after that, every time I tried to access the Admin Classic I was re-directed to the Blocks.

So I had a chat with a friendly happiness engineer, he told me it was due to the update and would be temporary, but he also told me (on the quiet) that more changes were about to take place and that I should be prepared! I am assuming that seeing as I was temporarily redirected, the changes may include the removal of the Admin Classic.

I am perfectly capable of using the blocks and the Classic block, but neither are flexible enough for me so I prefer the Admin Classic.

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