Two Ring-billed Gulls

Or, as an alternative title, Mostly Grey with a Splash of Yellow.

This is my contribution to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Birds prompt.

I decided to do a selective colour treatment of a mostly black and white species. These two Ring-billed Gulls are standing on a dark gray granite boulder with a gray Lake Huron in the background. I hardly needed to do the selective colour treatment.

CBWC: Birds
Two Ring-billed Gulls on the Lake Huron shoreline in Southampton, Ontario.

9 replies on “Two Ring-billed Gulls”

Thanks Cee. I had a few species in mind for a selective colour treatment and forgot about them when I remembered the gulls on a granite boulder.

I recognise these gulls! They would swoop down and try to eat my fish n chips when I was fishing in Perth, WA or in Adelaide, Australia. They are gorgeous beauties to look at, but I get annoyed when they do that or try to swoop in and grab my catch when I reel it from the waters.

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