One Word Sunday


This is my contribution to the One Word Sunday prompt History.

You may wonder how a frozen puddle on a sandstone outcrop dropping down to a shallow valley is historical.

The sandstone outcrop is on the edge of a steep hill that forms part of the Sandstone Trail on Bickerton Hill in southern Cheshire, England.

This steep hillside formed the northern and western edge of an Iron Age hill fort known as Maiden Castle. I am standing where someone would have been living centuries before the Roman invasion.

One Word Sunday: History

11 replies on “History”

I had a few options to pick from. My home town started life as a Roman settlement but has a lot of Tudor and Georgian architecture after a fire wiped out most of the town. The county town is Chester, a Roman fort complete with amphitheatre and walls. The walls were extended in medieval times.

I’ve got a couple of friends in Chester. Apparently it’s a ghost town due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Although I suspect that there’s lots of ghost towns everywhere at the moment.

We have the same problem around here. Masks are mandatory in indoor public places but the majority of people only put them on when they’re about to enter a store or other public place.

Yes. Some of the “rules” also seem ridiculous. We had the father-in-laws funeral/memorial service at the local Royal Canadian Legion. There was people there not wearing masks indoors and we were told six people to a table. We were then told we could take our masks off at the table because it was classed as a “bubble” whatever that means.

Thanks Janet. I suspect that I went with Iron Age because it’s as far back as I could go and the site is within sight of North Wales where my ancestors were probably from given my family name is Welsh.

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