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Hidden Coyote

The subject of my Flora and Fauna Friday post this week is the Coyote (Canis latrans). A species of canine native to North America.

It is widespread and abundant and is moving into urban areas in eastern Canada and the U.S.

This individual was photographed near Punnichy, Saskatchewan, Canada in the winter. I like the way the colour of the Coyote blends in with the surrounding grass.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Through an Opening

13 replies on “Hidden Coyote”

I suspect that there was something dead nearby. We were in a cold spell, I seem to think that it was around -30°C when I took the photo. An old or injured deer could easily have died in the bush.

-30°C wasn’t unusual for central Saskatchewan in the winter. There was a few times I was out with a camera at -40°.

Thanks Graham. They’re normally very wary of humans. It was a bitterly cold morning so I was sitting in my vehicle with the telephoto lens sticking out of the window so it was probably less cautious.

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