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Looking Up At A Bird Feeder

This is my contribution to Debbie’s Six Word Saturday and also a contribution to Becky’s January Squares on the theme of Up.

A Raccoon that wandered into the yard and started looking Up at one of the bird feeders.

Six Word Saturday/January Squares

19 replies on “Looking Up At A Bird Feeder”

Thanks Debbie. It had rained continuously overnight so the raccoon was soaked and completely ignoring me sitting in the photographing the birds. I had to tell it not to go after the bird feeders before it paid me any attention.

It had rained all night so it was soaked and probably hungry. It completely ignored me until I told it to stop eyeing up the bird feeders.

We live in a holiday/tourist area so the raccoons (and bears) are used to being around humans and scavenging any food the holidaymakers leave lying around.

oops just re-read what I wrote. I always expect great photos from you, I meant the image was not what I expected from the title!!!

You were expecting the camera to be looking up at a bird on a feeder. I suspect most people reading the title would expect that. 😊

I was sitting in the yard photographing the birds so I just told it to forget about trying to get at the feeders. We bring the feeders in at night because of the bears and raccoons.

Normally yes but it had rained all night so I suspect that it had taken shelter. Its fur was wet and bedraggled when it appeared. Plus, we live in an area popular with tourists and holidaymakers camping so they get used to being around humans day and night

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