Becky's Squares

January Squares: Up #11

Singing Up in spring.

This is my day 11 contribution to Becky’s January Squares on the theme of Up.

A male Yellow-headed Blackbird singing Up to proclaim its territory and attract a mate near Punnichy, Saskatchewan, Canada.

January Squares: Up #11

19 replies on “January Squares: Up #11”

I’ve been having issues for a couple of days. I gave up on the app and uninstalled it. Now my Chrome browser is crashing when I add more than a single image to a post.

Thanks Becky. I thought it would be an unusual use of Up and it’s an interesting shot with the spread tail helping show the effort/determination involved in setting up a territory and attracting a mate.

I’ll try replying again. This is the second time this morning a reply has just disappeared after sending. I keep saying I will start doing more bird photography again but it never seems to happen.

ooh i will go and check spam and see if the WP gremlins are taking you there . . . my birding photograph y is way down at the moment because we are not in Portugal.

One idea is how about playing with collective nouns for birds? I have just scheduled a post for my Portuguese blog for around the 19th of the month, it will be highlighting a few collective nouns.

That’s assuming there’s agreement on the collective nouns. As a child I learned that it’s a parliament of rooks but others say it’s a parliament of owls.

WordPress seems to be getting flaky again. I gave up on the app and uninstalled it. Now it’s started crashing my Chrome browser when I write a post with more than 1 photo.

Don’t believe google!! It was CS Lewis who apparently coined a parliament of owls and many have been using it ever since. The older was though is parliament of rooks and wisdom of owls . . .although at the end of the day I don’t think there is really a rule book as am sure even the monks and royals challenged the original first written list in The Book of Saint Albans

Probably made worse by the way Europeans misnamed bird species in other parts of the world just because they resembled a European species.

Yikes on WP – guess they might be tweaking again. Wish they would stop . . however other blogging providers seem to do the same

I was going to look for an alternative host in the new year but at the moment I’m too busy editing, uploading, captioning and keywording to start looking

Sounds more sensible to me to spend time on sorting the photos. From my experience of using SquareSpace they all have their upsides and downsides

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