Becky's Squares

January Squares: Up #12

Looking Up at the stars.

This is my contribution to day 12 of Becky’s January Squares on the theme of Up.

Looking Up as the camera records the stars circling overhead. Colpoy’s Bay and the Niagara Escarpment on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.

January Squares: Up #4

21 replies on “January Squares: Up #12”

I had carried a tripod and camera bag out to the end of the dock. I may as well use it while searching for the comet.

Thanks Teresa. It was one of the first squares I came up with but got pushed back a couple of times so it wasn’t similar to Becky’s square for the day.

I’m guessing that the colour is dependent on the type of sun the the star is. I was more intrigued by the number of meteors I recorded until an astronomer friend told me that we were passing through three different meteor showers at the time.

It is an effect of sorts. I used the Live Composite setting on an Olympus camera. It’s actually hundreds of 1 second exposures composited in the camera. Using that technique the camera just records any moving highlights while the dark background remains at the base exposure.

Guesswork as much as knowledge. I still haven’t sat down and learned how to use Live Composite properly. It’s more a matter of either fiddling with settings or hoping the settings will work for what you’re trying to do. You’re supposed to set your base exposure to expose for the background but I can never remember how to change the base exposure.

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