Becky's Squares

January Squares: Up #14

Lighting Up the evening sky.

This is my day 14 contribution to Becky’s January Squares on the theme of Up.

Canada Day fireworks lighting Up the evening sky over Bluewater Park on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario from across Colpoy’s Bay.

January Squares: Up #14

26 replies on “January Squares: Up #14”

I deliberately chose the location for that reason. Also, modern commercial fireworks are so big you need to be some distance away to take them all in.

Yes. I was over 2 miles away across the bay so there was a slight delay between the firework exploding and the bang reaching me.

Thanks Teresa. It was scheduled for a week or so ago and got pushed back. All the January Squares I have ready to go will be posted regardless of a clash with Becky’s square from now on. It’s getting to complicated shuffling them around.

It’s quite easy to shuffle them as all I have to do is edit the day number. The problem is that moving posts back means I’m up to day 27 which is leaving me short on days.

That’s why all the posts stay as they are. I can decide which squares to use for the last few posts in a week or so.

Nice one, David! I’m going to have too many squares unless I double up, but I’ll worry about that later too. There’s always another squares challenge 🙂 🙂

Thanks Jo. I doubled up at the start of the month with a six word Saturday Up post. I may have to do something similar before the end of the month.

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