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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Twist

This is my contribution to the Tuesday Photo Challenge – Twist prompt.

I had a few ideas for the prompt and even edited photos of two species of snakes before heading off in a different direction.

An adult Eurasian Blue Tit twists to feed the young while the young twist to try to get the food. The young are almost fully grown at this stage meaning that the adults often cling to the entrance hole to feed them.

Tuesday Photo Challenge - Twist

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Interestingly, the new scientific name for the species is Cyanistes caeruleus. The first part means dark blue in Ancient Greek and the second part means dark blue in classical Latin. So translated it’s dark blue dark blue.

I worked it out because every photo of the species I have on file is captioned with the old common English name and the old scientific name. Since biologists started DNA testing species a lot have been reclassified and renamed. A decent sized proportion of my natural history files now have the wrong scientific name and/or common English name in the caption.

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