Monochrome Monday Square Months

Riding Up A Mountain

My Monochrome Monday blog post this week is also a contribution to Becky’s January Squares on the theme of Up.

A group of motorcycles riding up a fog shrouded mountain in Snowdonia, North Wales on their way to the Dragon Motorcycle Rally in winter.

Monochrome Monday: 25th January 2021

7 replies on “Riding Up A Mountain”

Thanks Becky. I didn’t realise I had different versions of the shot until I started digitising my black and white negatives. I’d always used a shot of a group of four bikes further back down the road until I found this version.

What software do you use to digitise the negatives. MrB has just seen some software that you can use with your phone and so is pondering options

I copied the negatives with a camera the same way I did my slide archives. I then invert to give a positive and convert to black and white. The bikes in fog were shot on Ilford XP1 when I was field testing it. The negatives have a reddish tinge which becomes cyan when I invert the file so I do the black and white conversion to give me a neutral grey.

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