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January Squares: Up #27

Up on top of a rock.

This is my day 27 contribution to Becky’s January Squares on the theme of Up.

Four Sanderling Up on top of a rock on the Lake Huron shoreline in Southampton, Ontario during autumn migration.

Four young Sanderling

16 replies on “January Squares: Up #27”

Thanks Jo. I miss living a few blocks from the Lake Huron shoreline and being able to visit whenever I had an hour to spare.

They’re only concerned with resting and feeding before continuing their way south for the winter. I was wishing they would move to somewhere the light was coming from a better angle. Next spring they may be concerned about looking cute to attract a mate.

Their only concern in autumn is heading south to warmer weather. Although I may be a little cynical as it’s turning colder around here this week.

Funny you should say that. I just posted on a Facebook group about Ontario birds that there seems to be more summer species than winter species around here so far this winter.

Thanks Graham. The slight backlighting annoys me a little because it makes the image seem flat but I like them standing on the slightly domed rock.

Thanks Sue. It nearly didn’t make the final selection as I had so many possible Up squares. It was the interesting domed rock that kept it in.

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