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January Squares: Up #29

Looking Up at something across the yard.

This is my day 29 contribution to Becky’s January Squares on the theme of Up.

An American Red Squirrel looking Up at something across the yard.

January Squares: Up #29

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I sometimes stamp my feet and chirp in response to one of the local American Red Squirrel doing the same when complaining about another squirrel in the yard. These discussions can sometimes last for a few minutes.

Unfortunately the grey squirrel has taken over England and red squirrels are only seen in small parts of Scotland, i find them to be intelligent creatures and are fascinating to watch.

The Eastern Gray Squirrel found in towns and cities in this part of Ontario is the same species as the Grey Squirrel introduced to the U.K. but the virus doesn’t seem to affect the American Red Squirrel as their habitat overlaps to a degree.

Thanks Jo. I was going through my files looking for a squirrel or chipmunk looking up at the sky until I found this shot.

I probably couldn’t do it now. My messed up right shoulder would be throbbing after resting on my elbows for a few minutes.

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