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This is my very late contribution to the Tuesday Photo Challenge – All You Need Is Love prompt.

I admit I had forgotten about the challenge until seeing the contribution from Cee Neuner.

Blackbird is a song on The Beatles White Album.

A small selection of Blackbirds.

January Squares: Up #11

A male Yellow-headed Blackbird.

One Word Sunday: Inspiration

Male Red-winged Blackbird.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Old and New

Male Common Blackbird.

One Word Sunday: Inspiration

Female Red-winged Blackbird.

10 replies on ““Blackbird””

I remember the nursery rhyme, black birds in a pie but have never seen a real black bird till now. Nice pics of the birds and glad to know they are all not black per se!

I’ve always assumed that the nursery rhyme referred to the Common Blackbird found in Europe but no one really knows. An early version of the rhyme apparently has boys rather than blackbirds in it.

OMG boys in the pie!! Dark indeed! I never knew that. Looking bad, it seems that the nursery rhymes I grew up with was not so politically correct LOL!

They’re a different family. The Blackbird found in Europe is a member of the Thrush family. North American blackbirds are a different family of birds found in the Americas.

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