Cosmic Photo Challenge

From Close Up

This is my contribution to the Cosmic Photo Challenge: From Close Up prompt.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: From Close Up

Backlit jelly beans on a light table.

Silent Sunday: 3rd January 2021

Thawing snow on a conifer branch.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: From Close Up

Wax crayons from close up.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: From Close Up

Lichen and snow on a tree trunk.

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They were both purchased from the local dollar store as a way of testing colour response between different camera sensors. That never happened but it may at some point in the future.

Thanks. I seem to have taken a few shots like that this winter but there may not be anymore for a while as there’s too much snow for me to use that route around the neighborhood at the moment.

We’ve had a lot less than normal but because of that there’s been very little snow clearance done. As a result the trails and gravel roads that aren’t used in winter are too drifted in to walk.

You still live in Canada, right? A Canadian friend of us said “we have two seasons, this winter and the next…!” I lived for two years in Sweden, I love snow.

Yes I’m still in Canada and for the past few years we seem to only get two seasons, winter and summer. Our winters have been starting earlier and ending later. Last year we went from winter weather to summer heat in about a week. They were posting heat advisories because no one had had time to acclimatize to the heat. This winter we’ve already had 3 months of snow and frost.

Yes, we could still have 3 months or more of winter judging by the past few years. It was mid May before the trees started coming into bud last year.

It’s not so much liking snow as getting tired of shoveling, blowing and ploughing it. Our typical winter snowfall is measured in meters.

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